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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

Christmas Gifts for Your Dog
  Don't forget your best friend this Christmas; even those with four paws deserve a special treat under the tree.

1. Pet Tipi
  Wondering what to get your four-legged friend for Christmas this year? This pet tipi is the perfect gift for stylish cats and dogs. This tipi also comes with a handmade wool pompom garland to add a festive touch to your pet’s new abode. If you want to make your gift extra-special, the tipi can also be monogrammed with your pet’s name. If only it were suitable for humans…

2. Eskimo Dog Tent Bed

  After working like a dog at the office, canines (and cats) need some serious downtime. With its igloo/tent construction and plush, 100% eco-friendly recycled poly-fiberfill, they'll enjoy de-stressing in this warm and cozy retreat. 

3. Doggie Cigars
  More personality than the standard fetch sticks, these “cigars” add a dose of humor to your dog’s next run.

  We LOVE the petite Doggie Stogie. Perfect for classy small dogs! They are extremely durable and functional fetch sticks. They are flexible, allowing for maximum distance when thrown and are great for the teeth as there is no filler inside, just solid rope through and through 6" long. 

4. Personalised Christmas Pet Blanket
  This personalised Christmas pet blanket is so soft, cosy and festive. Cheerful and seasonal red fleece blanket with a dotty trim. Perfect for cuddling up in the cold winter months. Beautifully personalised with your pet's name in clear lettering. Makes a great gift for your own cat or dog or an animal loving friend.
  Handmade in Yorkshire, beautifully edged and embroidered with your pet's name. Perfect for placing into your pet’s bed for extra winter warmth, on the sofa for TV cuddles, in the car etc...
  Price includes an embroidered name of up to 12 characters.
  Available in 3 sizes for cats, dogs, bunnies and any pet who wants a super soft cuddly blanket for Christmas.

  Machine washable and fast drying.

5. Personalised Christmas Dog Bandana

  These Christmas dog bandanas are so cute and personalised with your dog's name too. Choose from two designs - "Yappy Christmas" or "Santa's little helper". The perfect way for your dog to join in the festive fun without dressing up in uncomfortable Christmas outfits.
vailable in 2 sizes to fit most dogs as they can be folded over easily before being tied at the neck. Can be worn at the front, side or back of the neck. Remember to leave a two finger gap when tying .

  Most dogs  can wear a Regular size as you simply fold over to tie according to the thickness of your dog’s neck. For extra small breeds such as Chihuahuas or dogs with very skinny necks  please order the Teeny size.

6. Equafleece jumper

  British designed and made, these soft Polartec fleece jumpers are 100 per cent water repellent, keeping your dog dry on wet walks. They also transform a wet dog into a dry dog within minutes. Pop a jumper onto your soggy doggy after a muddy walk and any smells or
debris will be trapped inside, leaving your car, home and office clean and dry. Machine washable and available in 10 colours.

7. Silver Glitter Feeding Platter

  This feeding platter will have your pet eating in style. Washable silver glitter PU fabric. Keep feeding areas neat and organized.

8. Sunburst Crate Mat

  Sleepy pup? Add a layer to a hard bottom crate with  a cotton mat bursting in a vibrant sunburst print. Designed to fit snuggly into standard crate sizes, these handsome, reversible mats make a comfortable home out of any crate. Also perfect for the kitchen floor, back seat of a car or as a portable bed. Sherpa on one side and 100% cotton fashion fabric on the other. Machine wash. Hang dry.   Dimensions: Small - 17" x 24" Medium - 21 x 30" Large - 23" x 35" .

9. Personalised Pet Christmas Stocking
  This personalised pet Christmas stocking is the perfect way to store all your pet's Christmas presents ready for the big day. Choose from red, pink or blue fleece. Beautifully personalised with your pet's name.
  Price includes an embroidered name of up to 11 characters.

  These generously sized fleece Christmas stockings measure 45cm long so will accommodate lots of Santa’s surprises.

10. Christmas Rawhide Dog Chews
  The perfect Christmas dog gift - yummy Christmas rawhide dog chews in the form of a festive rawhide snowman, penguin or gingerbread man. Will keep your dog occupied for ages while you eat your turkey dinner.
  This incredibly well designed and crafted Xmas dog chew makes a great Christmas gift and yummy treat for your dog.

  These festive rawhide goodies by Reg & Ruby are all wonderfully crafted and presented, made from 100% rawhide. All colours used are EC and FDA approved. This means that the whole gift can be eaten by your dog, once it has been admired.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ideas for a Puppy Birthday Cake

Ideas for a Puppy Birthday Cake
  If you want to make any dog party a success, then a tasty cake for the birthday boy or girl is a must!
 Of course, you don't want to run out and buy a regular 'human' cake, the ingredients in it are NOT suitable for dogs, and all the little guests are likely to end up with upset tummies.... or worse.
   Partying with your puppy can include all sorts of birthday cheer, but perhaps the most important aspect of his special day is the canine-friendly birthday cake. Mostly healthy - with a little sweetness - these cake ideas suit a variety of situations. Whether you're throwing a large party or celebrating with a low-key affair, his own personalized canine-friendly cake is the highlight for your puppy.

Types of Cakes
  When it comes to puppy birthday treats, dog owners have many options. Decide first if you wish to bake your puppy's birthday cake at home, or purchase it from a specialty bakery. Buying your pup's cake from a bakery is far more convenient, while baking your own cake is often more cost-effective. If you choose to purchase your cake, research local bakeries on the Web; some bakeries will craft specialty items such as a cake for a puppy, even if they aren't a "dog bakery."

Homemade Cake Basics
  Choosing to bake your puppy's birthday cake at home will take some time but is highly economical. In addition, you alone control the ingredients, so you know exactly how healthy the cake is for your puppy and his friends. Homemade cakes for puppies can range from savory to sweet, such as a hamburger, bacon and rice layer cake or a carrot and carob sheet cake. You can frost savory cakes with mashed potatoes, and sweet cakes with a low-fat cream cheese blend.

Cake Ideas for a Party
  If you're celebrating your puppy's birthday with a few of his favorite pals, there are even more cake ideas for your furry guests to enjoy. Instead of one cake, offer an array of dog-friendly cupcakes -- or "pupcakes" -- for your puppy and his friends. Cupcakes are easy to bake in batches, and extras can go home with the canine guests in "doggy bags." Another option, especially for smaller dogs, is dog-friendly cakepops, delicious round cake pieces attached to a beef or thin rawhide "stick."

Get the party started right with one of these yummy treats......

1. Carrot Cake with Apple Cider Glaze
Made from shredded carrots and flavored with cinnamon.
Apple Cider glaze is the perfect finishing touch!
9" diameter. Personalized.

2. Cookie Cake For Dogs
Natural peanut butter, whole wheat flour, honey & carob chips. Carob frosting.
9" diameter. Personalized.

3. Brownie Bone Dog Birthday Cake
Carob flavored bone with carob frosting and delicious honey glaze.
9.25" x 6" wide. Personalized.

4. Healthy Hound Bakery - Gourmet Dog Treats
Delicious bone-shaped banana cake with carob chips. Peanut butter frosting is the 'icing on the cake'!
9" long. Personalized.

5. Wheat-free Dog Birthday Cake
Made from bananas, oatmeal and rice flour with carob frosting and banana chips.
Heart shaped. Personalized.

  But just to make sure, here are a few of the bad foods for dogs that may be more popular with cakes and parties.

1. Chocolate 
Chocolate is perhaps the most popularly known “no-no” food for dogs, thus a cake made from chocolate isn't a dog-safe choice. Chocolate (even white chocolate) has something called theobromine in it, which is toxic to dogs, even in small doses. Dark chocolate is the worst culprit. The caffeine in chocolate doesn't help anything either!

2. Macadamia Nuts
While peanuts are a popular nut that are safe for dogs, macadamia nuts can be poisonous, causing weakness, tremors and vomiting.

3. Milk
Just like humans, dogs can have trouble digesting lactose in milk, so avoid using it as an ingredient in your cake

4. Avocados 
While avocados might not be an ingredient in your planned cake, they are popular in party settings and thus deserve being mentioned. Something called Persin found in avocados can cause vomiting, diarrhea and even death in some dogs.

  Who doesn't love a good party? If your little one could, she'd already be planning her next celebration.
dog cake recipes
  Until that happens here are some great reasons for you to throw her a party and bake a dog cake:
  • New Puppy Shower - Are you or a friend bringing home a new family member? Socialization is very important for puppies, so why not host a party for all to meet the new one.
  • Graduating Obedience School - This is a great opportunity to show off your dog's new manners. You can invite your dog's classmates to join in the dog party festivities.
  • Competing in a Dog Show or Agility - Win or lose, it's the effort that counts. So, whether you are celebrating a First Place victory, Best in Show or a job well done, do so with one of these free dog cake recipes.
  • Anniversary of Adoption - Make the day you brought home your best friend a family occasion. Celebrate by baking a dog cake recipe, buying a new toy and going for a long walk. Along with baking, another way to recognize the day is to volunteer your time or donate to a local animal shelter.
  • New to the Neighborhood - Don't be shy, invite your new neighbors over and get to know them. This is a good idea for the four-legged and two-legged party goers!
  Now you've got the dog party products ALL sorted out. You've got the gift/s, decorations, outifit AND yummy goodies, so your dog party preparations are about complete... oh, wait... what about games?
  No worries, check out this page for lots of great ideas... Party Games For Dogs.
And finally - make sure your birthday pooch and his/her friends enjoy their fun and games safely by taking a look at my Dog Party Safety page. Now you really ARE ready!

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