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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reasons Why Shih Tzu Become Violent

  Dog aggression is a major dog problem for owners. I want to help you understand the causes of dog aggression, so you can overcome this dog problem. Dog aggression stems from the dog's frustration and dominance. The dog's frustration comes from a lack of dog exercise, and the dog's dominance comes from a lack of calm-assertive leadership.

  Shih Tzu are small cute dogs that don't look like they could harm a fly. This then means that many of us make the mistake of thinking that they can get away with being aggressive and that we don't need to train it out of them.
  However this is a big mistake and while your Shih Tzu might not be a threat to your health, it is nevertheless still important to make sure that they aren't aggressive and that they recognise you as in charge. For one this is important because while you may not be afraid of a little bad pup, your visitors and other people might and this can be very upsetting for them if they have to deal with a dog that is constantly growling at them. At the same time if they are aggressive to other dogs they might well get themselves into a fight that they can't win – so it's important for their safety too. And anyway it is simply not pleasant to have a little dog who you love growling at you every time you move – you're supposed to be friends.
  Aggressive Shih Tzu behavior specially when it is a family dog should be resolved quickly or it may lead to danger and scare not just people in your family but also visitors and others who are around you. This aggressive behavior is a condition that might have developed since it was a puppy, like being attacked by another dog or it might not like the feeling of being dominated by a master.

Reasons behind Aggressive Behavior in Dogs- The delicate age for a Shih Tzu behavior development is at the 6th week. Whatever the environment gives makes it significant like socializing with other dogs and training to ensure they are people-friendly. You can easily apply this to a dog until it is 14 weeks old or can extend longer as you deem necessary.

How Does a Dog Become Aggressive?
  So the question is, how did your Shih Tzu get to be aggressive in the first place? Well there are a couple of ways. Firstly aggression can sometimes gradually occur as your dog grows up through play. If you dog bites and mouths you and you don't ever teach it to stop, then this biting can increase to the point where it is drawing blood and leaving teeth marks and it is then somewhat too late to stop it. 
  At the same time you might find that your dog is aggressive because it believes itself to be the leader of the pack or the 'alpha male'. Dogs are descended from wolves and they are pack animals as a result. Thus your dog will conclude that it's in charge if you pander to its every need and will use aggression to keep you in line. Lastly, sometimes aggression can be learned, and if you are very aggressive towards your dog, and to each other, your dog might simply learn the behaviour and might act out because it's unhappy.

What you should do to bring up a non-aggressive Shih Tzu are:

1. Let the Shih Tzu puppy on it's own with its litters until 2 months old. Do not use violent practice to a puppy aged between 8 and 10 weeks but alternatively address it tenderly. Talk to it softly and avoid hurting it physically if you would like grow a dog without aggressive Shih Tzu habits.
2. The Shih Tzu have to understand how to get along with other dogs (many dogs that are highly sociable can get along well together with other pets like cats, birds, horses, etc.) and more importantly with people. At the age of 14 weeks, if your puppy had been taught how to socialize you've great probability of an aggressive Shih Tzu.
3. Provide a conducive and wholesome setting whenbreeding up a puppy, totally free of mean masters, appropriate and enough living conditions with socialization, and protect it from attack by not just other dogs but in addition other animals.
4. Aggression is also seen as a hereditary and genetics affect.meaning that naturally some breed of dogs are aggressive but some are friendly. But it does not follow that a naturally aggressive breed can't be nurtured to lose its aggressive behavior.
5. A dog that would like to establish dominance over a territory displays aggression. Your shih tzu should learn that you're the master of the house at a very early age.

Reward Your Dog
  But the rest of your time should be spent petting your dog and rewarding it for all its good behaviour. Make sure you pay it attention and stroke it as often as possible. This will make your dog feel happy and loved and as a general rule a happy dog is a well behaved dog.

What to Do If a Shih Tzu Shows Aggressive Behavior

  A dog actually reaches sexual maturity at age of 14 months. If it shows signs of aggression during this period, take best suited actions straight away. At the moment the Shih Tzu puppy must have understood it that you are the master. It should not get any reward after expressing aggression out of being fearful. That will teach the dog a lesson.


  1. My 1 yrs old shihtzu become attacking when i touch him .what to do.

  2. My dog is 7 years old We are 80 yrs old and love our Bennie.. He is 7yrs old. When someone comes he barks at them till he calms down Then when they stand up to leave, he goes wild after them and nips & bites at them. How can we stop this??????

  3. Heart broken my 4 Yr old shihtzu Bella for no reason at all!! Has bitten my daughter (12yrs) whilst we where playing my son also when he came in to my room .. My friend when stroking her, and my self I've now been bitten twice, each time on each person she has drawn blood.. Tonight I was bitten again, help pls I love my dog but, I have children, also my eldest draugher 33 has been bitten whilst gently stroking Bella now I have a baby granddaughter I worried sick...pls can you give me some advice...

    1. You need to hire a professional dog trainer or behaviorist to retrain her.

  4. My 14mth old shi tzu is a rescue dog that came from a house with domestic abuse at 4mths old he was stabbed in the chin and badly beaten me and my partner have had him since then 10mths now he is a lovely affectionate dog most of the time but has bitten my partner many times on the feet when he's asleep at his feet now in the night when I'm asleep he bit my foot when I told him get off the bed he clamped on to my arm. Is there anyway of stopping this. I locked him out of the bedroom and ignored him. I take him for 3 walks a day but he's very possessive of food, toys and me.

  5. My shihtzu pup is 7months yesterday he is such a cute baby listens everything playing loving cuddling bat playing with his toys never took anything in his mouth if he picks up anything he knows if I see he runs and I keep on saying OZO I'm watching you stop it so he just throw it out and if he wana bite then everyone says OZO we call MAMA and he stops I loves him as he is my human child but he growls sometimes when he don't like anything.otherwose he plays with human friend when I take him outside anyone comes over home he is very HAPPY and loving.he is very clean and welbehaved pip but sometimes he growls and bite and from 2 days he is doing it more he don't want to go out.dont want to go upstairs not playing just waiting and as he can't breath well it's not hot inside house day night A.c. is onn specially for him.he had ear infection so he got Antibiotic injections and after that he is so.plzz help me what should I do.

  6. My shiztu got attacked by some streets dog ..puppy is safe but he is not allowing us to touch ...he bite me 3-4 time we are unable to provide perfect medicine due to this...anyone tell me please how to feed him and how to control his aggressiveness iam getting fear to touch

  7. We have a male shih tzu/miniature poodle mix, age 9. He is a very affectionate and cuddly dog about 95% of the time. However, he is prone to sudden, brief outbursts of rage -- snarling, teeth-baring, occasionally biting, crazed rage. The triggers are not entirely predictable and he has occasionally done it simply while being petted in my wife's lap. Recently he did it when I just tried to hand my wife her cellphone. He also will do it if, heaven forbid, one of us goes out the door to leave the house and then has to quickly go back inside to retrieve a forgotten item. (This does not happen if, say, I go out to take the garbage to the curb and then come back in, and if we've been gone for a while and THEN come back in it's totally fine.) It's obviously most scary when it happens with a child or even an adult visitor. The vet prescribed a small daily dose of Prozac but that's had little if any effect -- i.e., the rages still happen, although maybe they'd happen more without the Prozac, who knows. The dog has had a couple of major traumas in his past, including being hit by a car and attacked and pretty severely wounded by a much bigger dog. Plus he was a shelter dog that my wife adopted when he was about one year old, and we don't know anything about his history before that. Suggestions welcome.